Bloody Bathroom

Ok this is a bathroom scene i have been working on for a little while now, i know the blood isnt the best but i intend on fixing that first, other than that are there any comments( other than the missing door knob.)[/img]


Pretty good. Try to use softbody on the textile at the bathtub (don’t know what it’s called in english but in swedish it’s called ‘Dusch draperi’) Maybe have some white plates at the wall (don’t know what this is called in english either but on swedish ‘kakel’.)

I don’t think you should use the edge feature. Just takes away from the image in my opinion. If you take it off it gives it more off a realistic look instead of a comic book look.

yeah i was actually going for the comic book feel to it, it has something to do with a game im developing right now, so the comic book look stays, but im sure i could do a little more with the actual materials to make it look more realistic

I would suggest do something to make it look less realistic. I.e., if you’re not going for photo-realism, go all-out for comic book. A Cool/Warm shader would be perfect, although I’m not sure if Blender can do that. The basic idea is that for each material, you choose a cold,neutral, and warm color for shadows, normal, and highlights. The renderer then does a normal shading but posterizes everything to those 3 colors. When combined with an edge effect like the one you’re using, this gives you an extremely comic-book look. I’m sure you could have more than 3 grades too, but that’s the way it’s usually described, e.g., in the book “Nonphotorealistic Rendering”.

BTW, in English it’s called a “shower curtain”.

cool! I really like this one…

can you tell me how you did the shaders? I’ve wanted to do toon shaders for a while, and these look perfect!


The scene looks great, and could work as more realism/CG look or as comic book. I was thrown off by something odd with the image at first until I realized that you’re trying to achive both comic and realism in one. It’s the reflection’s. With comic book look there should be no reflection, or if there is just vague shapes of color, instead it has minute details you can’t even see in the image itself due to the edging.

yes the comic book yet realistic look is the way i felt i should go cause the voices couldnt make up there minds. the toon shading isnt all that hard, every render i do i try them both, little tweeking on the edge settings is useful because not all of the objects are made the same way and can come out really odd if your not careful