Working on this for Halloween, need critique to make it better. Supposed to be a yard where fresh blood constantly flows. Atmosphere might not be too spooky, but I certainly think it’s gory enough :D.

Adjustments to compositing.

Reduced mist pass, switch to sun beams.

My first though looking on this is “What the hell… why?”. I am missing some rationale for so much blood. The scene is shocking, but it’s missing any story. Exactly as you say, although I would say rather that the atmosphere is far too gory and not enough spooky.

The displacement maps on the tiles in the center-well-lit-near-to-camera area stand out a bit too much to my taste. I guess turning them down a little bit might help realism.

I think it needs some people in black robes worshiping on their knees. maybe make it night time with the moon behind the statue and give the statue more definition by having the worshipers carrying torches. I think I’d do two or three worshipers at the most. Also nothing explains why their is blood on the walls.