I’m still pretty amateur when it comes to 3D modeling, but here’s a recent project of mine.

Here’s the original image:

Anyone have any ideas on how I could have improved the tongue? Because it really sort of bothered me. I don’t like the way it stands out all non-tongue-like.

heh thats pretty cool

on the toungue- I think if you made it a bit thicker, and gave it that groove down the middle like in the screenshot it would seem more tongue-like


It might also help a bit if the mouth deformes a bit more where the tongue comes out. I mean, a tongue that size could push the side of the mouth back a bit. :wink:

hahahah the mix of the bleooohhhg i was saying in my mind as i opened thread and the picture made me chuckle, cool stuff!

lol, looks great. I like the similarities between the pictue and the render, but i think the club looks a bit out of place.


looks kool! Is that from Commander Keen?

hehe cool commander keen enemy! :smiley:

Bat blends in with the background. Change background colour.
Also, improve lighting. Then it’s super duper! :slight_smile: