Bloom is released!

Bloom, the image editor formerly known as Ormr is out of beta and has finally been released. You can download the demo from the official website:

I have tried the demo and while I liked the non-destructive workflow, I was disappointed to find out that it was not stable on my Windows 8.1 installation and crashed a lot especially when I zoomed into and out of images. I think I will wait for a few more updated versions before I decide whether I want to buy it or not, but I think that it really has promise.

Well it’s been a year or so and I’ve been wanting to give this a shot for a while. I’ll give the demo a go this weekend and see.

Should just rename it to Broom at this point, they really have their work cut out for them. Ormr while maybe difficult to get across when explaining the name, is still far better than Bloom. I commend them for trying to compete with PS but so far they are not coming across very well.

Should take a look at how Affinity is presenting themselves at the very least.

Bloom at least makes me think digital imagery due to bloom shaders, flowers blooming, etc. Ormr is meaningless to me.

It states that it uses 16-bit for everything. Does anybody know if it supports 32-bit for everything as well?

I tried it on OS X, and it’s not really usable. UI looks terrible and it’s not properly made for Retina displays either(even with the extra option enabled). Seems like a cheap windows port.

Affinity Photo Beta is outstanding however, apart that it has no OpenEXR support yet… :no:

Ormr is a mythical dragon, to me that in itself reflects colorful imagery. That said, Bloom is a poor choice in my opinion, I cant help but think of Bloomers which are basically old fashioned boxy underwear or if you are in japan, the gym shorts used by girls during school hours.

I think they should have stuck to their guns on the name but the downside with going away from the usual conventional naming patterns is that it can often start giving the impression of non professional shovelware. Unfortunately impressions matter, language matters, pronunciation matters. I cant see Bloom being a success, objectively speaking. It comes across as being too amateur among other things. Personally I welcome the competition/options.

One of the best names so far for a new app in this category btw has been Paintstorm, very well chosen imo. That alone will generate interest.

Affinity Photo is great so far, but I’d love to be platform-independent. Especially since one of the uses for it would be compositing work, and while my laptop can handle photoshop-style stuff, I’m not sure macros with DOF and heavy effects…

If you are looking for multi-layered EXR support, try Photoline. Version 19 is almost out - with some great additions.

It seems not that practical:no:

It’s website and UI look atrocious. Like Blender 2.4 or PS 4.0