I used blender render. It took me quite some time to get the hairs right. I have taken fur and grass tutorials that bring me to this, and forgot some of the key changes that give hair the desired look.
After years of blender, i can finally be proud of an image, in which I am very excited to put out there, for others to judge. I used simple node setups to reach my desired depth of field, which i think feeds the viewers eye with depth and beauty to my piece
I used a signature double nice texture, with a combination of uv unwrapping map, and a slight geometry for the best look to the bark.
My piece is a morning sunrise with a view from a high up tree, with curious tree spawn floating through the air
Best wishes to inspiring artists out there.

Cool, I really like the lighting.

Tell us a little about how you made the puffs, they came out very nice.

Well I put strand render on, and your hairs will look alot better with that and having a blend texture, with darker roots to lighter tips, and puting texture setting to Srrand/partical

Your feedback is invaluable thankyou