Bloomington (IN) Blender Users Group second meeting summary

Well I’m happy to say that our second BBUG meeting was a success. 8 people showed up, which is 2 more than last time. At least one guy drove an hour to come to the meeting. People get really excited about Blender and what it can do and that gets me excited and inspires me to keep learning.

We were fortunate enough this time to have a bigger room and several computers to use that could all run Blender. Thanks to Mark and Lucas from Next Wave Systems. We all divided into 3 or 4 groups and did some one on one learning on a variety of topics, from building models, to adding textures and materials to doing rigid body and fluid simulations. It was nice because it just followed what people wanted to learn about.

For next time we are hoping to coordinate making several objects to make a scene, probably a dining room scene with objects like a table, chairs, plates, forks, etc.