Bloood !!

(sten) #1


I stumbled over a tutorial for LightWave and wanted to try it
out in Blender…it is a Bloodcell, and how to make it whiteshaded at the edges…I hope you like it !!!
here is the result:

a bigger image can be viewed here:

I might also do a bigger scene with more cells,
and even a short animation !!

(ScottishPig) #2

Really cool. I like the white effects. It really gives it that bloodcell-look. You should write a blender tutorial for it.

(kaktuswasse) #3

yeah,how did you do that?

(Dani) #4

Yeah, this is great! I’m VERY interested by this effect, please tell us how you did it, or at least point us towards that lghtwvtute!
pliiizze! :slight_smile:


(Run-Amok) #5

Nice looking blood cell …I would be interested in a tut for it too…even the lightwave tut might help…good work !

(paradox) #6

Nice blood cell. Only thing I noticed is looks kind of flat. Not a complaint
because I really like it. But I was wondering if it was viewed from a different angle would it be more 3D.

Your picky friend. He He


(blengine) #7

it looks like it was painted in a paint program =\ it just doesnt give me that microscopic feel, more like a red beenbag chair i guess but i think itll look good if u crowd the scene with those things =D
its cool otherwise, but weird for a red blood cell :-?

(PILER) #8

it looks pretty close to the original, good job, you just need to make it look like it has more of an indent in the middle, right now it looks like it has a highlight rather than an indent…(im not really sure how to fix that)

(sten) #9

my artwork is finished…

go to this post: