How to animate and make blood? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the best way to make it, is add an UVsphere.
then push “o” and use the “smooth falloff” to give it shape in edit mode.
when you have a good shape, set green and blue to zero.
in the shaders window set “spec” to 1.4 and in the mirror & transp click on “Ztransp” and set “fresnel” to 1.
Go to the textures and use as “texture type”: “Marble” then go to the MATERIAL BUTTONS and set in the “map to” window the blue and green to zero.
I hopes it help

Oh, yeah, thanks :smiley:

Okay we now have a blob of blood. How about animation? Especially spray, say from a violent knife or axe attack. Would you use an emitter? Or go about spreading your blob everywhere. Sorry if I sound too tongue in cheek. But it really is an interesting topic that is definately one of the roles played out by 3D today in movies, games, and television. So I think this ought to be something we can do in blender very well. But at the moment I am failing miserably, anyone have some more tips?

I got a great tip, if you’ve got patience? Coming soon Blender 2.4 - check avi out Can’t wait to splash :slight_smile:

Okay so the splash looks great. Any more info on exactly what did that? Fluid dynamics engine?

Aha indeed fluid dynamics is the culprit. In the meantime does anyone know how to make a nice splash of blood coming from say knife attack or unholy bite to the jugular.