Blossom (wip for expose 2; updated!)

Image updates appear in later posts in this thread.

Foolish or crazy as it might be, I might actually make a run for Expose 2. January 29th is the deadline I think. Anyway, here’s part of what I have in mind:

Click to see image.

She is not nearly done. That’s all one mesh btw. Imagine an entire world (well, at least a scene) blossoming from this one individual: the entire scene will emanate from her.

By far my most complex character attempted. If and only if she turns out well I will enter this in Expose 2, if not I’ll just keep working at it. It’s an idea I had for a while but could not attempt until now, and I’m thrilled to finally get a chance to realize this character through Blender.


:o :o I like this alot Robertt. I’ve been working on a shader over the last weekend that you might like for the skin texture if you haven’t already finalised on one. It’s not a human skin shader but one for a fantasy/sci-fi/alien skin. I can send you a copy via email if you wish.

Is your character going to be joined to the scene, as you say the scene will emenate from her, or will she be sitting/floating as is.

Very nice concept.

ps Are you at Warwick Uni?


i wished to try exposé 2 but i’m far under the quality of work in cgtalk. and the dead line is too near.
It’s nice to see some1 want to do exposé with blender.
Ho and you character do have the potential for exposé.
Let’s go robertt.

I think the leaves coming out of head are too think across the middle, and too narrow near the base. though you were probably trying to go for a succulent, cactus-type leaf, i wnt and looked at some similar plants in my house, and their leaves are proportionally thinner across the middle… but that’s just my $0.02…
Great concept.

this is drool-worthy, aka i love it! she is absolutely beautiful. may i have her?

ehhhh… dude she’s got LEAVES and ROOTS coming out of her body. that would be weird in bed. What would you do with them? water them?

lol, just kidding! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I dig it, man. One thing I would change though, is the thickness of the petals. Do you use the warp tool much? Did you see that curled potato chip I made? Warp tool. ( from 2 opposing angles )

Because my browser window was downsized I needed to scroll down to see the picture. With seeing only part of the top I though: Oh, a bunny. Then: A mutated bunny girl with many ears …

I think the top leaves should develop out of her head, going up first and then going outwards. They look rather glued on right now. Could look more like a crown to the head.

If anyone can pull it off, its you.

Keep at it robert

If anyone can pull it off, its you.

and @ndy for ex.
anywho we are standing behind you as one man, Robertt.
Run Robertt, Run!


Excellent so far! I had noticed on a couple of your earlier pieces (the hand in the piano piece, and shrek) that there was room for improvement with organic modelling, and I see the improvement. This is very good modelling. :slight_smile: [edit]

1521 as you can see on the screen shot :slight_smile:

I can see now that I was not seeing the actual thickness,…see that petal in front? It looks like it is thicker, because there is no contrast between it and the region directly behind it.

nice model :slight_smile:

Doh! :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone is worthy to compete in Expose with blender, its you.

nice work.


W O W :o I just got back to this part of the forum after posting for a few days in Finished Projects, and I am totally amazed and humbled by the incredible replies! THANK YOU ALL for all your encouragement. I’ll try to get to everyone now…

Sonix: Thank you so much for the great feedback. I’ve been whipping up some potential textures in Corel Painter 8, and I’m hoping they’ll work out. Since this is all going to be one big mesh and will consequently be the UV mapping nightmare of all UV texture jobs, I have another approach in mind that will use multiple materials on the one mesh but using textures that will be designed so they flow into one another in terms of colors. It will be tricky. If it doesn’t work out, I might take you up on your kind texture offer. The plan is that every single thing in the scene will be extruded from her. Everything that has been shown so far is all the product of extrusions, so this is like the ultimate personal challenge to do this entire thing all from one mesh. I have some wild ideas in mind, so hopefully it can all be realized in time for the deadline. BTW I’m at in the US :slight_smile:

Gabio: I’ll try my best :slight_smile: Hopefully when Expose 3 rolls around we’ll have a growing number of potential Blender artists submitting cool images for high profile contests like that.

Gr8RedShark: Thanks. You’re right about the thickness. I toned it down. Check out my update to be posted below. I’m thinking she’s more flowerlike than cactus (flowering cactus…? nah) so I’ve tweaked the top of her head petals :slight_smile:

Jay Eff: :smiley: Thank you. If this ever makes it to Expose 2 I hope the judges feel that way :slight_smile:

Modron: Thank you very much. Yes, you were right about the petals. I have never had any good results with the warp tool. Maybe I should try it. It’s great to have the undo function available so we can get a little more adventurous with experimenting on meshes. That was a great chip btw! and rat! Very nice indeed.

thorwil: The perspective might change depending on how much of the scene I finish, so the crownlike emanation of petals from her head might look better once they are adjusted to accommodate the surrounding scenery. Also, one or two petals might become something else because this is going to be somewhat surreal. She is a creative spirit of sorts and will be emanating lots of stuff :slight_smile:

Enos Shenk: Thank you very much for the encouragement! I thoroughly appreciate it and feel motivated to go the distance 8)

Erufailon: I’m running - more like accelerating, pedal to the medal for sure :wink: to infinity and beyond…

three-de: Thank you very much. I’ve been working very hard on trying to improve my organic modelling, so hopefully that comes through in a piece like this and helps the model look more natural (or maybe in this case supernatural).

Cyanid: Thanks!

dante: Thank you dearly for those words.

See my post below for better images of the front and now back of the current model.


Fresh renders.



I meant to say in my first post that I had discovered that in the System & OpenGL part of the user preferences there are additional Solid OpenGL lights that can be activated and adjusted. I found the extra lights can help the mesh in the 3D view become more visible and editable since I have my theme set to a black background. On different displays the extra lights might not improve matters. They only affect what you see in the 3D window, so renders aren’t altered by their activation. Images above were rendered without any textures. I am still working on materials, and the main model will grow more complex and detailed in the coming days.

Not that I want to do much of it, if at all if I can help it, but Expose 2 does apparently allow if not expect there to be postprocessing done on renders. I’d like to keep this as pure as possible. Initially I thought I’d use all procedural textures, but seeing some of the posts over at CGtalk I know I’m going to have to do better than that, so I’m working on materials when I’m not working on her. I’ll post more updates as I reach good pause points - not that there will be many, since the deadline is Jan. 29th.

Thank you all again for your interest.


here breasts need more definition. they are sort of flat. other than that she is really pretty. can i have her?

So much of her is yet to be defined. She will get stranger, or shall we say more interesting… and soon. Oh if you only knew what I had in mind :o :wink: Hopefully you’ll feel the same about her when she has fully… blossomed :slight_smile: