Blowing out a candle. A quick tip about realistic smoke

This is my first attempt to a freshly blew out candle, with some smoke still dancing and waving over it, gently.

It has been a total challenge, specially the waving smoke. You can see here my simple nodes settings for this shade.

I came through this after so many attempts with the smoke and fire system in Blender. They are good for big fires and clouds. For explosions. But it’s too difficult to get the tiny smoke of a candle. So I decided to model it by myself and try to play with volumetrics.

Using the Fresnel node to mix volume scatter with transparency allows me to control the sharpeness of the smoke line.

You can see here the mesh of the scene with a clay render.

I hope you find it useful, and you like it.

You can read more about it in my blog.

Health and Love for everyone


This is a beautiful picture. It’s very simple but you have made sure that each element of the picture is perfect. The modeling, the materials and the lighting are spot on. I love it! I also looked at your blog and I love all of your work, you are able to put so much emotion into objects that we normally don’t even notice. Your picture “Into the Garden” is now my background! I especially love the cute little spider :slight_smile:

Thank you for you so very kind and warm words, ItalianJoy! I am so glad to know that I am connecting with people so far away from me… But I think we are all alike in the heart, right? :wink:
I’m doing my best with these works. I feel like opening a new and exciting path in my life. It’s going to be an adventurous journey, sure!
Glad that you have a background of mine :wink: Yes, the spider is cute. Don’t forget that they bring always good luck!
BTW I’ve been watching some of your crazy videos :wink: They are funny and fresh. I like the casual editing. It works. I have seen the Christmas one and the Albatross one (I’ve been shocked ;)) Are you on movies? Good luck in your path!!!

I’m very glad that you like my videos! :slight_smile: I’ve never been in movies professionally but I just enjoy doing it as a hobby with my friends to explore our crazy imagination and funny ideas! Again, great job with all of your artwork, and the unique style you have! I also love all the stories that you say about them on your blog :slight_smile: