Blowing snow landscape

Does anyone has a realistic powdered snowy landscape? For use to create a blowing snow effects. I want to do it as opening scene of a documentary project I am working on.

It is for last glacial period about “The Human Condition: Survival” so opening scene is First Nations in North America walking in the snow. Close up on feet first with traditional leather shoe thumping on the ground as they walk shifting the snow as the snow is blown and scattered. Zooming out to the vast ice and snow landscape with the indigenous people walking.

Thought I’d start out with the landscape and if there are already ready made one that people are willing to share and use as open source. Since it is open movie project the plan is to make assets created available free once the film is done and completed few months of theatre and film fest run.

And if anyone wants to help in the project please let me know also. More details about the project at