Blown Away I am .. Modo 601 quietly released .. Wow!

Hi Guys,

I keep an ongoing Blender thread going and updated over at forums:

BUT now I can go the opposite way :smiley:

Brad of Luxology quietly released the new version of Modo 601 today - 29/2/12 - Stunning.

It now includes character animation, dynamics …

Heres the feature tour:

And a stack of new 601 videos:

This should now make the workflow between Blender and Modo with EG character animation / animation far easier …


Nice … what an update! FTW

Looks pretty impressive.

However, I find it surprising that after all of the work they’ve done on their renderer (directional-tangent shading, GI, micro-displacement, ect…), they’ve just now implemented oren-nayar shading and adjustable SSS-depth.

On oren-nayar shading, I wonder if they used the common model, because Cycles now uses a new model that is more accurate as well as faster.

The volumetrics though also look to be impressive, though I hope Storm_St’s implementation for Cycles will get to the point where it can be implemented within the next few releases.

aidanodr, I was kind of always under the impression that modo had very poor character animation capabilities, and likewise, heard the same things about lightwave, but that might have changed since in lightwave since Allen left lightwave & newtek. I always thought of both packages as being great at modelling/rendering/mechanical animations. Have there been real improvements in this department, or is it advertising hype to sell a new product/upgrade with minimal upgrades?

If so, I might take a closer look at modo…


Lightwave has had the same animation tools for the past 10 years. They are terrible.

This was said about modo once but 501 did bring rigging support trough schematic(basically nodal as far as I can tell) mechanism and now with 601 I can definitely see bones in the first video on the character animation and deformers tab.

So schematic nodes + deformers(eg. bones and possibly more),
sounds quite a capable combination I think… :slight_smile:

now if only I had the mony at hand to buy a license,
still wouldn’t use it for modeling though,
I’m too darn used to using modifiers. :slight_smile:

Modo is a program ive always rooted for, being an ex-waver. And this release looks mighty impressive. Modo is finally a complete pipeline tool!

Although i have to admit that most of what ive seen modo do, can also be done pretty darn well in blender. Or at least will soon, once bmesh and cycles mature. So i guess i dont need to start breaking out the credit card for a modo license just yet. :wink:

modo is an powerful package but is too darn complicated to use.
The interface is like a spaceship cockpit and there are far too many options and settings to tweak; Blender is more straightforward.
My two cents, obviously.

Well right now that preview render from modo601 is the sexiest of all the features they added. We can only hope that the blender cycles render viewport will someday be like that.

I read somewhere that they have a Silo UI that you can implement… if that’s true, I just might give this a try. Silo still is the best interface I have ever seen… but it lacks so many of the newer features… This release looks really cool.

aidanodr, where is the best place to learn Modo (without spending a fortune)…?

You really don’t have to do all that much to get great results, and the options are there if and when you need them. On top of that the UI is customizable, so get rid of what you don’t want and keep what you do. Of course I look at it this way, the more settings, the more subtle changes you can make, and the more flexibility. I see Blender very similar in this way, but it is also lacking maturity in tools, which I hope gets resolved soon. Blender could be my main app, but it’s just not quite there yet. Till then I’ll keep LightWave and Modo as well.

The help file system is pretty amazing, and laid out very well, plus you can find free resources on luxology’s site, and the web. When I started using it (within the last few months) it took no time to learn, but it is so like LightWave in many cases, I guess it was easy for me. The only thing I really hate getting into with Modo is the shader tree. It’s basically like a layered approach to textures and materials, but I find it quirky. Understand this part of the app, and you can get some really good results in no time. Pitty I’m just not up to that level.

Wow. What an update. Well presented also. I have to say that some of the features presented there were really cool (such as the texture bombing, which looks awesome). On the flip side though, a good many of those new features are ones Blender has had for a long time which is kind of cool. At any rate, i’m not shelling out $1200 for it.

Hi Randy,

Have a look at this Video on rigging a Hand in Modo 601 - I think It may answer some of your questions on Character Animation in the new Modo:

Also this one:

I am sure more will be on the way shortly as the community gets to grips with the toolset.


Hi Mark,

As AJM mentioned there are a truck load of FREE videos over at Luxology itself:

With the New 601 release and for limited period there is the new Andy Brown 601 Spotlight Video series included:

modo 601 purchases currently include the modo Spotlight video tutorials (separate introductory videos on modeling, animating and rendering in modo 601) by Andy Brown. This tutorial video set ($25 value) is provided for download on a complimentary (no charge) basis.

We all know theres BLENDER COOKIE but at the same site there is also MODO COOKIE which is also FREE video training:


Good for Modo :slight_smile: I found the render booleans and hair shader interesting.

hanks AJM and aidanodr. I looked at the new NPR stuff… wow. Very cool.

Do you now anything about the whole “Make Modo more like Silo” thing? I thought I read on a forum somewhere that they did that… do you know anything about that?

I’ve never used Modo, so I was a little surprised that it didn’t already have several of those features. The retopo stuff in particular makes me a little envious.