Blown Away

…This started off as an experiment with the select > random tool. It’s a sphere which I messed around with, textured, and rendered normally except for Unified Render and a bit of post-pro, which was a simple motion blur in Gimp.

Please tell me what you think! :slight_smile:


very nice i like it.

Thanks for that :smiley: Anyone else got any comments?

Awesome, could u describe how u made it? Could you post a bigger pic? :stuck_out_tongue:

it looks alot like a linux background i have seen! nice! bigger render plz! :wink:

Thank you both very much! What size render would be best?

Oh and I’ll post a mini-tut soon…


Neat work of art, good and has a prominent abstract feeling

Thanks Kansas_15 :slight_smile: I prefer producing abstract artwork. That way each person can interprete the piece differently.

Ha, well I know abstract when I see it. :slight_smile:

Here’s a large version- 1024x768 pix. Enjoy!

Nice, but not that neccesary for the bigger image size, only use a larger image size if there’s some smaller details that are hard to see in the small version.

Good point, although I’ll leave it up there for now I think. The picture doesn’t really have that much detail so an even larger copy isn’t strictly needed.

Anyone have the Linux pic Prince refered to earlier?


suse linux! it isn’t exactly the same but pretty close! that was a compliment not a insult! great job! :wink:

Wow that’s nice. Cool abstract work. Very calming yet explosive, mmm slightly ironic that. :wink:

Good work,


Nice! :slight_smile:
That would make a nice desktop background.

Thanks guys! Great response from everyone. :smiley:

That would make a nice desktop background.
I had “Blown Away” as my backdrop for a day or so - then I made another abstract pic and now I’ve changed to that hehe. I’m not as pleased with it, but I can post if anyones interested?

That site “VillagePhotos” must have an extremely low restriction. Every time someone posts a link all I get is

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