bloX house

Hi all,

this is my latest project on which I’m working with my husband for some time now.

BloX House is a modular home based on a system of easily installed prefabricated blocks.
You can decide how big you want your home and make it with the selected items.
The system allows subsequent extension of the house with the selected elements.
Creating a home with Blox house system is as simple as play with blocks.
We designed whole system and we are implementing it at the moment.

Of course, to showcase homes in the brochure and flyer for clients, I used Blender :slight_smile:
Here You can see my first attempt to exterior visualization.



and the next, small one…


And some update with broshure design.


Wow Paulina great render as usuall - but project itself is very interestig. What about costs of such house?

:yes: oooo… Good Work

Congrats on being featured on BlenderNation!

Insanely great :yes:

Is grass and leaves particles?
Rendered with Cycles?
What render times did you get on those bad boys?

*Drabson- thanks :wink: the fantastic thing about our system is that the house can be in apartments’ price. Prefabrication allows as to reduce the cost of construction. :slight_smile: and make that houses very affordable. More info and prices will be soon on :slight_smile:

*Warcos- thanks :slight_smile:

*Joystic Studios- thanks for the info and congrats- I did’t know about being featured there :slight_smile:

*Jakerlund- thank You very much. Yes, the grass is a particle system, well to be precise, 4 particle systems. I have there two grass, grass blade, stones… All mixed on one plane which was a yard. And yes, all of them were rendered in Cycles.
X7 had a better render time. There was much less particles, the time was about 1,5 hour for 2792x1600 px.
X17 has a lot of particles so the time was longer. From 3 to 8 hours. 3 hours on my graphic card- Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 2gb. One render does not fit on the card so I had to render it on CPU which is i7-4770K and the time was longer in that case.

Cheers, paulina.

Some update.

This is the next house made in Blox house system. This is 100 meters square family home.
Interior projects for those houses are in progress so for now in X10 I used some stuff from
C&C are welcome.

Cheers, paulina.