blRstr: Real-time path tracing for Blender

A ReSTIR/RTXDI-based Blender Render Engine.

Now in open beta!

  • ReSTIR-based lighting. Uses Nvidia's RTXDI implementation for maximum speed and quality.
    • Direct lighting of primary surfaces with ReSTIR's spatio-temporal resampling.
    • Up to 15 indirect bounces from secondary surfaces accelerated with ReSTIR.
  • High quality real-time denoising using ReLAX from Nvidia's NRD SDK.
  • Supports almost all* surface shader nodes available in Cycles GPU for Material, Light and World.
  • Stochastic approximation for Mix/Add Shaders** with special case optimizations. Stochastic alpha.
  • Part commercial (separate executable). Part open source (the add-on, communicates via shared memory).
  • Works with Blender 3.1+ and LTS from 2.93+. No other add-ons required.
  • Requires Windows 10 with DXR 1.1 (Linux/Vulkan planned).
  • DXR-capable GPU required. RTX 2070 or higher recommended.

“*,**” for details and FAQ see: