blRstr: Real-time path tracing for Blender

A ReSTIR/RTXDI-based Blender Render Engine.

Now in open beta!

  • ReSTIR-based lighting. Uses Nvidia's RTXDI implementation for maximum speed and quality.
    • Direct lighting of primary surfaces with ReSTIR's spatio-temporal resampling.
    • Up to 15 indirect bounces from secondary surfaces accelerated with ReSTIR.
  • High quality real-time denoising using ReLAX from Nvidia's NRD SDK.
  • Supports almost all* surface shader nodes available in Cycles GPU for Material, Light and World.
  • Stochastic approximation for Mix/Add Shaders** with special case optimizations. Stochastic alpha.
  • Part commercial (separate executable). Part open source (the add-on, communicates via shared memory).
  • Works with Blender 3.1+ and LTS from 2.93+. No other add-ons required.
  • Requires Windows 10 with DXR 1.1 (Linux/Vulkan planned).
  • DXR-capable GPU required. RTX 2070 or higher recommended.

“*,**” for details and FAQ see:



As already posted above (I hadn’t the time to post it yesterday):

blRstr will become open source! (but no ETA yet…)

More info:

Of course I will post here when the sources are ready :slight_smile:


hello friend, I’ve been wondering when you will release a new version compatible for blender 4.0.

Holy cow! This escaped my attention. Amazing technology!

of course!!! what a pity that it has not been updated yet

what what ? how was this burried under all the other threads and got no feedback ?

that must be discouraging to the developer.

You should be part of blenders core developer team TBH !!! how can we pitch this to eevee team ? Im inclined to post this in the eevee next thread on developer feedback forum, but they will probably ban me lol.

Just follow the rules.

i read the reason:

“this addon was commercially a fail”

but that must be becasue NOONE EVER KNEW THIS EXISTED.
Over the last years i´ve seen 100s of comments in several platforms and threads which ask for rtx implementation.

The featureset is so awesome and out of this world.

OP you must rerelease this and try to market it differently @stkrake.
It could be THE featured addon on any platform , i think you didnt put enough into the marketing and affiliate. Everybody will support you if they actually know what this is and does. 100%

edit: giving this a friendly name like “eevee rtx executioner”(lol) or just “rtx for eevee”, “eevee hardware raytracer” instead of “blrstr” might have helped too.


bump @stkrake

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Damn, I also just stumbled upon this and have no idea how I never saw it before. I know this sort of implementation would never work with official blender since it only works in Windows, but damn. With Eevee Next still in a rough place, this addon would be a gamechanger that I’d happily pay for.

There’s some reStir investigation in blender developement team… let’s see if it gets somewhere