Blue (architectural visualization)

Hi guys, here is my new finished artwork and like to know any suggestions and critiques on it . for now i was focusing to improve my architectural visualization.
everything is completed in blender 2.79 . pillows are from blendswap . textures from poliigon.
for lighting i just use HDRi
hope you like it

Artstation Link:
and since i can only upload low res for some reason ,
full res image :


Looking very nice, but it needs more samples, to avoid the denoiser artifacts.
Overall look i like very much.

for some reason i couldnt upload the final render so i have attached the artstation link and the drive link for a better sampled up image. thanks

I see it now. Excellent!

Sems you have a problem with scale.
Normal seat height is about 45 cm, ceiling height ca. 250 cm.
Did you model your chair with references?

for this one i didn’t follow actual measurements, i created the base first (ceiling height) and then i created the rest of the models with reference to the base . so my ceiling sit somewhere around 5m and then scaled my seats accordingly (around <1 m ).

And that is a problem in archviz. Thats why your image dont feel natural and real.
Unless you do not want to go in the real direction then you can do it. :slight_smile:

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