Blue Bird

I worked hard to get detail into this one, and had a lot of fun making it!


good model. Is that a dodo?

Kind of; it’s entirely imaginary - some kind of prehistoric thing!

It sure looks like it took inspiration from the dodo :slight_smile:

The overuse of SSS here really sells the cartoon look, so good job.

Thats looks really nice, but how did you do the feathers? because i have been trying to do feathers for quite some time and i havent found anyway to do it :question:

This tutorial help me immensely with the feathers:

I posted a shader node setup and particle settings screen grab here too:

Basically it’s a fur system with ‘clump’ cranked high, and appropriate density. The rest is a reflection based ‘iridescent’ material for interesting colouration

I didn’t know fur could be ‘combed’ until doing this picture- obviously that’s a critical part of getting things right!