Blue Box

“I am waiting for a mad man in a blue box.” -fangirl mantra

blog post and highres:

Blender 2.66
BI (I still need a new video card for cycles)
GIMP for minor post

C & C welcome and appreciated

love the ally and the detail you have there but nearly missed the “old girl” hiding round the corner
worth 5 stars in my book anyhow great work

Very nice, looks like made in cycles.

really great, i love doctor who! :yes:

I love such scenes, you created a beautiful one !
Excellent work.
But BI doesn’t look like cycles, not at all. Energy of light is missing a bit.

Thx heddheld, axelredfield, higorbelem, and michalis.

I really wish my machine would handle cycles without crashing, but, alas, Blender Internal is all the poor girl can deal with for now. That doesn’t stop me from continuing to work on new projects. :slight_smile: