Blue Butterfly (#100 of my Weekly Artwork Series) (Includes: How I get that painters look)

Hey guys, Number 100 of my weekly artwork series. Wow I’ve made 100 of these, from putting my artworks on snapchat as a little thing I did to it becoming an actual weekly artwork thing… Anyways I will be having a break from the weekly’s for a bit and I will be back with weekly artworks start of 2022

Anyways, to the people who know me personally knows I loved Life is Strange back in the day, anyways ever since I have always wanted to make something with a blue butterfly and here it is!

Also for those who have been wondering how I get the cool painter like look I get on some of my renders, I use Topaz Studio 2 (Its not free software sadly) and its really awesome for putting cool AI driven filters, especially the “Impression” filter, and that is how I get the painting effect. I bring it into photoshop with the original and I blend it with Lighten and lower the opacity a bit
Here it is with:
and without:
It really adds that nice soft look to it, and that is with 100% Opacity and set to Lighten, so you can adjust it to feel a little less soft or whatnot.

and here’s the 9:16 version:

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Anyways I hope you all have a great day/night

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