Blue Butterflys

Hi guy! I’m back again.
I play Vindictus (a MMORPG online game) for 1 year and I really like Hurk charactor.IDK why but I can feel men can be beautiful in men way. So I make a fan art of him.

working for 2 day to improve skin and displacement.
Modeling and rigging took me work for 8 month++ lol

1 hour per image rendering using cycle render 400 samples.

thank you!

8 moth!!! well you probably learn a lot!!! I don’t know the original, so I can not tell if it is like it, I really like the look. Congratulations, nice job!

yes,I learn a lot for last 8 month.many mistake that help me to learn.(but sometime it’s bug and I though I did something wrong.cry) haha
thank you xD