Blue Christmas

Getting in the Mood for Christmas. I love the song “Blue Christmas” sung by Elvis Presley. He had such a wonderful way with ballads.

SO to the image: I am testing an idea about how to make some decent garland, playing with a candle tutorial, and making a few pretty sparklie things. It is just another still life, but I each comment is valuable and leads to ideas on improvement.

Modeling: Blender 2.6
Render: Blender Internal
Post-prod: GIMP


I really like this scene and the lighting gives it a nice feel

thx deltawing, it was a good study for some techniques I am using in a larger scene.

Hmm I remember seeing this thread and thought I commented, but I guess I forgot to…

Just wanted to say its a really realistic looking render. Captures the “Blue Christmas” theme really well.

You going to submit it to the Christmas competition? Never know… might win something.

notyourbuddy: I am going to do a scene for the competition, but not this one. This was just a still life study for working out how to use a few techniques for the big one.

It looks good, congratulations and happy christmas!