Blue Crab (based on Bobby Chiu Drawing)

I was cruising on CGSociety again, and one of the ads has a piece of artwork by Bobby Chiu; a blue haired mermaid girl looking at a blue crab underwater.

So I had to try my hand at modeling that crab :slight_smile:

I started yesterday and only got so much done.

I know there’s issues I need to fix, like the pincer arms; the joint piece is very square instead of spherical. Also, the eyes are far too small and perhaps too long. And I’ll have to go back and fix the proportions when I’m done. And finally, the part of the mesh that houses the eyes is disproportionately small. There’s other issues in there, and I wouldn’t mind if anyone would critique and help me with this. :slight_smile: I didn’t have much more to work with than 3/4ths view of the crab.

I really like what you’ve got so far. It’d be cool to see him textured.

Thanks Anayo :slight_smile:
After I fix some of the mesh issues (namely those square joint pieces), I’ll try my hand at texturing it first in Blender, and then in Zbrush if it doesn’t work. I’m not sure if I can rig him yet, because I’ve never rigged anything with more than two legs :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to figure out how to make sockets in the bottom part of the shell, so the joints fit in. If anyone can help, please do.

Alright, the pincer arms have ball joints instead of squares, and every joint is now inside of a socket.

I know I need to up the Sub-D levels, but that’s for later. Now to work on those eyes…

Eyes fixed.

Up next is making the legs seem a bit more random, instead of uniform.

Diggin’ the progress. :smiley:

I’m glad you like it :stuck_out_tongue:

The biggest problem with the mesh right now is that it has triangles (the hull of the mesh, where the sockets are), which I have to get rid of.

Getting ther; the eyes add quite a bit of personality to him. I like where you are going with this design!

Thanks colemeister :slight_smile:

I’m trying to figure out what needs to be done as far as modeling goes. Still have to mess around with the legs, and get rid of some tri’s…

Hopefully, I can add another image or two tomorrow. I’m knee deep in school work right now.