blue eye jumper / episode 1 : The Factory

Hello, i’m happy to introduce you Blue eye jumper my first very short film.

All animation and modeling was made with Blender, post production with Adobe première and after effect.
I had started the project on april 2014, i did some mistakes with the number of images per secondes, but it was too late to correct all, i will do better for the next episode.

You can follow his adventures on youtube TV or on facebook page here :

I really hope you will enjoy it.

Don’t hesitate to turn on the HD

Here are the promotional images for fun, all made with Blender.

feel free to leave your opinions

lol that was funny good job, love to see more :slight_smile:

Elton John sing this “Blue eyes”

Thank you, and maybe i will integrate this song in the next episode :slight_smile:

Haha, very funny! I liked it a lot. :slight_smile: I love the promotional material. Great job!

Thank you very much, I’m very happy it makes you laugh :smiley: