Well, another success story with YAFRAY.
I was trying to achieve the ultimate glass setup with yafray and WOW, this software rock!
Take a look, it took 6h30min on my G5DP1.8 with 4.5Gb of mem.

wow :o
you probably could have done some things though that cut the render time in half and the appearance by 8% or so. lol
Looks very real though. I’m sure it’d look nice inside a 3d room such as a kitchen or somethin. :smiley:

The flower itself is beautiful, but I think it could benefit greatly by having some shadows to anchor it down a little.

dreamsgate has a point, shadows would make it look soo… much better (not that it would be bad right now, its a GOOD job :wink: )

its just that the shadows add some depth!

First of all, Thanks a lot!
Sorth, if you can tell me how to reduce the render time it would be great!
I agree about the shadow, actually there is an object under the flower, but with my light settings it fade away , it does not bother me, couse I was trying to search that look, anyway, I will try to adjust it to save the shadow and see what it look like.
Anyway, this are my settings:

Ok, I just received the “OK” to show my job with glass flower!!! AWESOME!
They were all rendered with blender YafRay at ResPower, couse I was deling with 6000 x 4000 resolutions. It is an awesome rfarm they have there and the support is A+!
Ok, too much talking, here are the images, if you want to know where they were used just go to my blog.

Hi Sumatra, I like your work a lot, nice and clean. To reduce render times you should have used an irradiance cache, but irradiance cache, as eeshlo says, not always reduces render times, mainly if refinement is used.

very good. They look real to me.

Very beautiful flowers!

Thanks a Lot!!
Alvaro, I am posting my configuration
Actually my render time was over 90h without irradiance, with irradiance cache it went down to 72h, by I needed to be faster than that , thats why I used ResPower, I splited into 400 buckets and the render were really fast, something around 1 and 2 hours

Hmm… can’t see the pic.

For all of those who coulnd`t see the picture, I posted a few more as a compensation!

First of all, hello, it’s good to see another brazilian guy here.
about the flowers: Amazing dude!!!:eek:

good work, good work. The flowers are great-looking. Keep it up, and blend on. Not too much to crit on here, although maybe the thickness of the petals should taper off a bit towards the ends? It might not look as good stylistically though.


Rock on! Really impressive!

just impressive.
one of the most beatiful 3d glass flowers i’ve ever seen.

That is really amazing!

Cool, I would love to try something similiar with indigo. I don’t suppose you can upload the .blend file?

Why isn’t this moved to the gallery yet?:stuck_out_tongue:
Theses are some of the best renders i have seen.

Whoa… There’s only one place this is going…

Thank you for showing your perfect material settings! 5*s