Blue Interior - Morning Breeze

A project I am working on for a YT tutorial. Some stillshot renders.
Animations are on the way (the tut will be about letting the air move the curtains to introduce more life to animated flythrough shots.
Most assets are from 3dBee.IT store, it’s mostly 3dMax focused but i wanted to try out how they’d do with blender (models were in fbx format so easily imported witch just some node tweaking to get the textures working correctly)


nice work… :grinning:

thanks. I’ll post a short animated shot form this scene soon. + a small tutorial on animating the curtains with wind focefield…

The lighting is somewhat confusing. God rays imply that sun is shining almost at horizon level, but then the shadow from the piano stool suggests that the light source is in the middle of the room in the ceiling.

the only lighting is HDRI with portals in windows. If you take a closer look you’ll notice the shadows of other objects (shelves etc cast just from window direction. I think the shadow from the stool has this kind of fallof due to highly reflective piano surface and all the rest of bounce lighting.