blue interior scene

Hey everyone,

this is the first of my works that I’m posting here. I’m realy interested in your thoughts about it. Tell me what would you do different and what can I improve. Critics are welcome!

It feels more like a studio shoot and not like a whole room. Its seems that everything must be visible in this one picture.
It looks really good but it’s a bit boring because no story/feelings. And i miss a cable for this lamp. :smiley:

I like it! I think that it could fit well on a magazine about interior design or furnitures and no one could imagine that it is not a photograph :slight_smile:

Hi! I really like the render, really noise free, and I found that very refreshing. I can say that you can expose the image a lot more, and it would really improve the render.

keep it up!

Hey, Thanks a lot for the feedback!

I think with a more story telling interior and more personal objects it would be more interesting thats true! And I never thougt about a cable for the lamp I realy laught about that because I never recognize^^ good point :wink:

I will maybe render it again and try to get it a little bit brighter as well!

You could save your render as OpenEXR with that you have full control about your light.

Nice work man!

Great work