Blue Mars

I’ve had a lot of fun making a terraformed Mars, some time ago.
What I did is I got myself some high resolution textures (from sites like Celestia), and I wanted to make the terraformed texture using Blender only.

So I ended up using displacement mapping, filling with water, and baking different sets of textures.

Here is a higher resolution render.

Not a complex nor beautiful render, but as I said, I had some fun doing it.


you should have looked for a high resolution texture of mars from nasa’s site. :slight_smile:

other than that, not bad.

Actually a nice idea, having a second planet in this solar system which was inhabitable by mankind. Started to dream away when looking at it. Had the idea of what this picture whould look like if there was earth somewhere in the background and a couple of futuristic thingies up in space… Only minor crit: The right side of the planet looks a bit unrealistic due to the hard ligh spot. Maybe this could be a bit more soft, red/yellowish. Yt, Gunnar

Reminds me some of Kim Stanley Robinson’s trilogy, third of which carries the same title.

Main question is, “Where’d they get all that water?!” :wink:

Did you decide on a “sea level = X meters above lowest elevation” of the dry Martian terrain, or just fill the bathtub till it looked cool?

Polar caps? Even without surface water, Mars has 'em, they’d probably remain even in a warmer ecosphere.

Interesting seeing Valles Marineris as a stretched-out sea. I think some more light could have been cast on Tharsis, though, making the volcanoes more evident, they’d be quite dramatic, and perhaps really nail this as a Martian makeover.

Yeah I realized I forgot to tweak the specular color after I rendered it :stuck_out_tongue:
Perhaps I’ll make another render someday, this one is a little bit old.

And chipmasque, the thing is I used a bump map to displace a high res plane, and it’s tricky to have the correct elevation when you’re dealing with something as massive as a planet (total planet superficie is like what, 140 million km², the highest point would be the olympus mon with a height of 30 km), so that it can be tricky to get the scale right. Anyway I just filled with a plane of water, and moved it in full screen to see what the most probable flooding would be.
Also I kept polar caps, it’s just that projected on a sphere, it makes a pretty small continent, way smaller than antarctica, so you can’t see it on the render, but it’s there :wink:
(besides, I think I remember that the water I added completely flooded the northern cap, so I had to manually increase its height)

Thanks for the feedback :smiley: