Blue Penguin Site!

My friends have made a site of their own and I thought that some of you might like it. (I’m trying to attract new members.) It has one thread dedicated to my NEW (Not) Project and a couple of other failed projects. However, you need to register to get. I’ll have to talk with him about that.

Snap… Forgot the link.

You have to logon just to view the site.

Well, He managed to fix it! Just become a member or something, he needs publicity.

yeah but the thing is, why should we give our e-mail (spamming risk) to a site that we are only barely mildly interested in? If you want more traffic and stuffs then you need to open the site up to the public.

I agree with Radscientist.
There are more than enough people who’d like nothing more than spam your inbox.
Besides, most people don’t have the patience to register just to see a site. They’ll seek whatever they’re seeking elsewhere.

(Actually, I don’t spam others through email. Neither does my friend or the other admin there. We just want to have other people there. I’m bored with just talking with the other people… :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s some great information about life: people are very lazy.

If you want to attract visiters, your going to have to make it easy for them. I’ve signed up to so many places i’m actually quite sick of having to register, even more so when they have the anti-spam image passwords, require usless info such as my DOB, send me a confimination of registration e-mail before i can log in and for the final blow, give me an auto-generated password I then have to go and change.

So, unless we can see the site content so we can decide on our own that we actually like the place, then dont expect people to sign up anytime soon cause most people dont want to waste thier time and can pretty much guess the place is empty and usless by the fact there’s some dude begging for members.

Hello, I am the founder of BluePenguin Development Team, the core research and production team of OOBER POWER (spelled wrong on purpose). Actually, if you have time to register for BlenderArtists, how come you don’t have time to register for my site!? My site’s registration process actually take less time tha BlenderArtists and there is no stupid registration e-mail. We believe in “Effficiency”. So if you have tim, visit BluePenguin. Forums only grow when they have user submitted content. This exactly what they said about YouTube. “It’s boring”, they said. YouTube said, “well then, upload some videos”. NOw, it’s worth BILLLIONS. I don’t expect my forum to grow that large. At least poast something. Tha is the essence of OPEN-SOURCE. Improve and pass on. Now go to

we don’t have registration emailing
or auto password scripts.
You just keep it your way.
We DO limit siginatures and stuff increase ‘loading time’.

Youtube however, had something extremely rare to offer to the internet. Do you?

I have something rare to offer. A place to talk about no one software in general, but tons. I also have man6y other forums for harry potter, naruto, dnd, roleplaying, gaming, final fanatsy, and much much more. I have provided communication, and it is of your benefit to use it. I allows fast rewieing of our software. Currently we are still develping software. That is why we offer the possibility to commision our team for projects.

I could actually read what was on the site without registering and actually decide on my own it was worth while to sign up. In addition to this, BA is one of the few places for blender support, which aids in members registering.

and ofcourse, BA was new when blender was new, it came at the right time and met a need: a discusstion area for blender users, so it wouldnt matter if there was content or not, and again. atleast we could see what was there without signing up, which you have now obviously changed.

Well, here’s the thing. the www is just like real life. Imagine you are strolling along in a mall and just want to do a bit of window-shopping. Most shops look inviting and easy to access. Simply walk in and browse around. Now my shop requires a full body cavity search before one may enter. You won’t easily enter, would you? Even if it is a really cool shop with lots of interesting articles for sale, very few people would enter it.
Now, having ti register for a forum seems to be an accepted procedure, but on your site, one has to register right at your front page, before we can even get a vague idea of what’s behind it.

actually, they changed that. You can see it without registering.

Yeah, well it’s okay if you don’t join. So I’ll just let Pengi take over the PR.

Actually, DOB is not needed. I did not enter in a DOb. looka t my profile AND IT WILL SAY DOB= --/–/----
You can browse easy. And I am working on DRASTICALLY increasing loading time by putting everything on MY servers or the FORUM’S servers. There are no autogenerated passwords. No registration email either. Aso all the complaints you have given are actually very helpful. If I haven’t corrected and error like the login error for mandatory login, just complain, tat way I get to know about. I think of it as, helpful critquing. So go on, contibute a bit. As I said beore, the meaning of opensource is to contribute and improve, then pass it along. Forum’s depend on user generated content.

(I suck at Public Relations…)

How is that? You weren’t very rude or anything. You responded fast, and gave good comments.

I’m just not good at persuading people about anything.

That’s no way too feel about your self. be confident. Also check out some renders on my site.

the is a free domain to keep the name short.