Blue planet's amarda

This is a planet view that I worked on yesterday - any views?


Needs more light! From that angle, I’m sure more of the light from the sun would be reflected by a bigger area of the planet.

Don’t you mean “armada”?
I really can’t see anything but some red lines, half a planet and a ridiculous yellow circle.
At least change the circle with either a lens flare or something that is worthy to the name sun.
Also, a sun this bright must have a certain impact on your armada.
Meaning they would have to receive light and create shadows.
Keep it up, I know what you want to achieve. But you’ve got a lot of work.

BTW, don’t settle with Blender’s internal stars.
They’re blocky, monotonous and ugly as f*ck.
Try this first.

sorry, i just have to say: cool tutorial!!
im gonna try it now :smiley:

on your planet, it looks way to bumpy, and there is also no atmospheric glow.

As it says in your signature, “Let there be light.”

I can see it pretty good. Maybe I have a brighter moniter… Anyway, it’s a pretty good scene, but I think you should do some better engine effects, (maybe some particles and halos and stuff) it’s kinda plain now. Also the moon needs some texture. Keep it up.

I do see what you mean. I had tried to use a hemi light for the sun, but the rear of the planet seemed to dark - I’ll change it back and fiddle around. The “yellow circle” as you’ve so aptly put it is actually a cube with the halo effect - I had tried to use a cloud texture to mottle the sun but it didn’t too well - and there already is a lens effect :slight_smile: As for your tutorial, that looks good, I’ll try it later, thanks.

I’ve no idea why the moon’s texture didn’t come up - that’s rather annoying. The engines I’ll get to work on right away, and I’ll update soon.

Ok, fair do’s - update coming soon.

I’m sure you’ve seen Env’s planet tutorial, btw.
It’s incredibly difficult. I still can’t go through the whole damn thing.
But if you search the forum for “planet and tutorial” you can find some interesting info. And even an reasonable .blend file somewhere.
With that you’ll only have to add a little atmospheric glow in post pro.
And I do mean little, cause I’ve seen some glows in here :]

There have been issues before with people being able to see some things others couldn’t because of brightness.
If you’re working on a CRT monitor make sure that what’s supposed to be black on your screen, really is black.
People on a LCD have their screens usually very bright, because they can do that without getting the feeling they’re poking their eyes out.
Whenever I switch from CRT to LCD I have a feeling they’re usually too bright though.
I use a CRT monitor and I change my settings when going from daylight to artificial light.

the planet looks a bit flat, and theres a large blue reflective shine spot on it, planets usually arent shiny. maybe adjust the material a bit