Blue prints in blender

First off WFT.

I want to know how to set up a blue print in blender cause what i tries aint working. what i did was set up a plane and just loaded an image texture. when i click texture view nothing happens exsept for some sides go i said WFT!!! what am i doing wrong.

last off whats the new hair features yous all talking about.i downloaded the alpha. the only thing different is some of the particle features and some tools i didnt use yet.

                                                    thank you
                                                    here's a pic of what im doin for all you nosy poeple.WHAT ARGGGGGGGGGGGG NEVER MIND srry for the bad typing

Well Jako you can set a blueprint in the 3D window by going to veiw->background image a little window appears click on “use back ground image”

or by UV mapping the image into a plane do a search for UV mapping if you want any help on that.

p.s. It helps if you split the 3D veiw into as many veiwpoints as you have blueprint veiws i.e. press 1 for front veiw, 3 for side and 7 for birds eye, then load the background image for that veiwpoint. hope i wasn’t too patronising

you mean "WTF’?

WHAT THE FUCK LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a typo. He meant WFS (why friggin search)