Blue Screen Test

since the background is made in Blender, i think this counts.

here’s my first shot at this. i found a sky bluish blanket and i hung it up on a wall. i tried to shine a really bright flashlight behind me to block out the shadow, but it didn’t work…

chroma key software is Wax 2.0

hey, i made a green screen!

sort of.
its yellow paint mixed with blue dye, which combined makes a light green color…
painted it on a board. the paint isn’t dry, so i hope it darkens… also, its in my dads shop, so maybe i could make a studio…

How did you do the chroma keying? Blender nodes?

no, wax 2.0.
its a separate software.

but the backgrounds are blender.

Maybe an animation of you running on buildings? However crappy it may turn out to be, I’d just love to see it!

A very cheap and workable green screen can be made with those cheap plastic party tablecloths. They cost about three bucks at a party supply place. You can get flourescent green or blue, either one. I had to double mine over, since they are a bit translucent.

Also, FYI, Gimp with GAP (Gimp Animation Package) has greenscreen capabilities with a plugin called BlueBox. Works pretty good.