Blue Vampire

my new work. I hope you like it.
Software: Blender, Gimp.


Wow! That’s awesome! :eek:
Really nice picture.
Would you post the Blender file? :smiley:

Great character and I love the lighting in this render.

The bump map seems a bit too sharp though. Looks like you need to soften it up some. Some of the edhes on the wrinkles are too harsh.


Excellent modelling and texturing.
Someone was clearly inspired by @ndy’s last work he posted, composition, background patterning, skin patterns, haha. Still, your vampire is terrific, I’d love to see his face in an animation, it seems endlessly expressive.

I like the texturing and modelling, though the eye looks like it juts out a bit too far in the bottom. The bump map is a little harsh like bgDM said, plus you have way more wrinkles in some parts of the face and less in others where there would also be wrinkles. And, i could be wrong, but do tattoos stick out like that?

Great effort. Imaginative and unique

Very nice, an easy 4 stars from me.

Very good modelling, and great texture work (it needs a bit less Nor for the texture, unless the bumps are intended to be that sharp). The expression lines and wrinkles are very well done, but they look a bit flat on the top part of the mouth and on the side of the forehead. The usage of color is great. The colors of the fangs/gums don’t detract attention from the rest of the image.

As Mornstar said, this does look very inspired in @ndy’s latest work, which is good, as his work is indeed inspiring.

rakhi I love your lighting every time. I think the mesh could have been improved in the ear area. And at the jaw line where the jaw meets the ear there is some weirdness happening(perhaps from bone parenting?). But the vibrant colors and amazing lighting is great.

Definately forum gallery material! However there seems to be some inconsistency with the tatoos, some parts pf it seem bumpmapped while some parts dont. I on a LCD screen right now so its quite obvious. None the less great stuff!

This work is nice :). Nice modeling and texturing… I noticed that he is also little similar to character from X-men 2:


Regards !!!

Very nicely done!



VEry lovely character and texture. Good job.

Awesome! Love the character. Nice teeth btw :smiley:

Looks great, but im a bit apprehensive about the lighting around the “tattoos” on the neck though. Still, far better than anything i could cook up. Wonderful effort