Blue Whales

(Haunted-House) #1

I finished a nice render of some blue whales:-Gallery
I was not looking for a realistic look, more of a air-brushed look. What do you think?

(snailrose) #2

I like the style of the whales…
it could use more detail,
but lookingt at it more it has a calm and graceful look
really peacefull work 8)
The other pics in your gallery are cool as well
Great work


(SGT Squeaks) #3

honest crit, the models are good!!! But it needs something else in the scene, its a little bit boring. The Plain blue background and the whales just don’t make it that exciting. I think if the whales had a color map and bump map then it would make things a little bit more interesting. But since you are going for an airbrush look then its good for that.

(Haunted-House) #4

Thanks for your comments,
if I was going for a realistic look I would give them some nice textures.
The scene does look a bit empty maybe I will add some more sea creatures…

(slikdigit) #5

Nice! I love the creepy/cartoony trifid thing you have underneath them, too.

(BgDM) #6

Man I still ove that alien image. Great work.

The whales are lacking a lot though. They need a UV texture, or something else. Not enough detail. Whales usually have barnacles, scale, etc. all over them. Yours are very clean and seem to be unreal to me. The basic model is bang on, just needs that little extra.


(stephen2002) #7

you should work on your texturing. I notice that in all of your images, the textures are a bit too plastic. Common telltale sign of CG.

Also, your alien has grass going through his tentacles! OUCH!

(S68) #8

Very sweet, but maybe some texturing?


(IMProvisar) #9

Excellent models, great work. One thing though, the eyes look more like the buttons found on stuffed animals than those of an intelligent creature. If there was only one thing to change about it, it’d be the eyes.

Great work, though!


(bob_dog) #10

Like the whales. Perhaps some texture on them, but I love the water - feels very deep.

And the picture under the whales… man, I had never seen that one. I love it!

(Turrin) #11

You mentioned trying for an airbrush look. As it stands, the models are good, but the edges are too defined for an airbrush. Perhaps concider somehow blurring the edges of the models. I would like to see it when its finished! The pic right below the whales in your gallery is quite well done.

(Friday13) #12

Looks good! But add some bubbles/fish/something fo fill the rest of the scene :smiley: :smiley:

(Bapsis) #13

Cute!!! :wink:
Maybe its just me, or the lighting or something, but those blue whales look a little grey to me. I dunno, whaddayathink?
Would love to see them animated with some of the suggestions given, like bubbles and maybe some other marine life.
Good work. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!