Hi everybody,
I made this model based on Sabrina Miramon’s artwork:

Hope you like!


I do! I do like it! the expression is so well made!

That is fantastic. I like the illustration you based it off but this seems to have your own different atmosphere even while being very close to the original and it just works. Nice job.

Edit: Do you have an Artstation page?

great style

Awesome work, as usual. But there are some critique I’ll give.

The image is low on contrast and dark. Not punchy enough. The eyes could use more highlights.

I made a small paintover to illustrate my thoughts:

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Thanks to all! :slight_smile:

@bigbad Yes you’re totally rigth, good point!

@ Falconius Yes I have:

Great work, good modelling, shading and also with the lighting that bigbad has painted, the render is almost perfect. You have earned a new follower :eyebrowlift:

yeah, nice work. only one thing to mention: are the eyebrows ment this way? they look somehow fluffy.

bigbad’s tweaked version does indeed look a bit better, but the original is great, too. I wonder what she would look with a slightly shorter neck? Could be terrible, but it would be interesting to see.

Love the lip design!

She is really cute, looks very innocent. Well done.

Beautiful perfect, congratulations!

wow beautiful, I wish people like you could of share your skills and do tutorials for newbies like me who want to create stunning characters like this:yes:

I love her skin!

I love this! It follows the original picture beautifully! :slight_smile:

She’s lovely! Great expression…

nice character

Hi , funny that hair color . The framing is absolutely great, real ‘portrait’ style .

Wow. If someone told me this was a painting I’d believe them. First piece of work I’ve seen on here and I’m blown away already - I’ve got a lot to learn. :smiley:

I agree with @S-Markt though, the eyebrows look a little dense to me. Though perhaps I’m just not used to seeing blue eyebrows? Haha

Wow very nice model. Congratulations!