blueprint request

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Does anybody know where I could find blueprints/schematics for a 1963 VW beetle?

Thanks in advance

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I think have it

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I don’t think he has them. I’ve looked through his site and concluded that he deals with new models only. Bummer, that guy is a kick ass modeler.

This is what I am looking for.

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Well, I thought Chillout’s site might have it, but I did a search with no results. Here is the link at any rate. Maybe yo9u will find something else.


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Tried that last week. I’m screwed.

I was hoping that you, BgDM, or some of the other awesome car modeling guys ( Tommy5, scrappy, YaYa, [email protected], rixtr66) would have a link.

Bummer :frowning:

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I do not know if this site has the exact 63 model, but the bug hasn’t really changed much over the years, so it might be pretty close. I know they still make them in Mexico. Worse comes to worse try writing to VW itself, and they might help you. Good luck.

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Thanks, cree. I hadn’t found that site yet. I can probably trace the curves in Illustrator or some other program and get what I want (the resolution is a little low on the versions posted). Also, maybe I will mail VW and see what they have or try to get something from a VW mechanic I know.

Again, thank you for your trouble. I appreciate it.

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P.S. Glad to help. The owner of the VW blueprint web site would probably comply to a request for a high resolution copy of the blueprint. Furthermore, VW manuals are an excellent source for tech specs. Asking a VW mechanic would be a great idea.

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I asked my dad if he still had the manual for our old one —

but it seems he gave it away when he sold the car.

That’s me up front (arm on fender), holding the paintbrush. NICE HAIRCUT!
Circa 1982 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Beetles have a quality that make them look almost human. I can see the affection that people have for them. Cool picture, too bad your dad sold the car.