Blueprint sites

Does anyone know of a site that contains reference images like “”? Is there a site that has front/side/top images for 3d animators? is pretty good, but some of the stuff is low quality.

I’m looking for reference images or blue prints of a few things i’ve been kicking around in my head. A mech robot, anything mechanical/machinery, action figures.

Any links would help :slight_smile: thanks!


The first 2 are probably your best bet.

suurlandhas blueprints, mostly vehicles, aircraft and ships. Anime Model Sheets has some mech model sheets, but most of them are drawing references rather than front and side views. Steelfalcon has schematics of Robotec mechs which might be helpful.

See also: is also a great site. only downside is you have to join to download anything. (though registration is free)

Wow! Thanks for all the help guys!