Blueprints for model

Im looking for some kind of blueprint to use on blender. I would like to model a easy cowboy and I looking for front and side drawings of a male (cowboy maybe?) to use as reference to model. Where could I find this?

I couldn’t find any cowboy references that had front and side views. If I needed this I would just draw it.

Character reference? Hmm… Sounds like you’re gonna have to draw yourself some concept art.

Yeah, I know. I will do it myself, but Im very very bad at drawing!

How about you get a cowboy outfit, ask a friend to wear it and get some big nice front and profile photos? :slight_smile:

You’ll probably have to Google by name. Chris Ledoux is a good one to look up for a modern cowboy. There is a lot of pics of him in cowboy hats, blue jeans, belt buckles and boots to reference. Other then that, you might want to try John Wayne, Wild Bill Hickock, Jesse James (wild west Jesse James).