blueprints to 3d


i was wondering if their were any techniques and tips for turning blueprints of a building into a 3d model of one.

example of a blueprint


I believe Blender imports DXF files which most CAD programs can save as.

It is possible. I turned a house blueprints into a 3d model using Blender.

Some hints:

  1. I UV mapped the blueprints on planes and placed them appropriately on the scene. I found this make modeling easier instead of using background images. (Also my graphics card doesn’t work well with background images.)
  2. Trace the outlines (+ rooms if you got time) using bezier curves. Convert curve to poly (curve tools/convert/poly) and use transform properties (nkey) to your advantage.
  3. Make a copy of outlinies and turn it mesh. Extrude and make the windows at the same time. You can make the holes ready and then you can make one window properly and duplivert it other window sites. (May take a bit of tweaking to work perfectly but once you get it to work, it’s great.)
  4. You can make great scenery with l-system or some similar tree generator. Proportional editing and subsurfs make a good terrain.
  5. Take a lot of photos of your subject. These help you to create textures but also help in adding details.
  6. Area lights work nicely outdoors. You can get a wide range of moods to your picture with them. Note that a bluish light comes normally from the clouds and yellowish from the sun. This may vary according to the time of day. Google for more info about outdoor lighting.
  7. Don’t forget to use AngMap or some other sky solution.

If you got any questions regarding any of the tips, feel free to ask.


if you’ve got access to a large format scanner you could scan and vectorise the floorplan to DXF, .wrl or .cob and then import it into Blender.

i could probably have a go at that for you using your gif image after the 3rd Jan when i’m back at work.


You mean you don’t have to do this by loading the blueprint as a background image then taking a mesh grid and moving points and edges aroudn then extruding up?? That is how I have been doing this kind of thing for the last 4 years. Which probably explains why I never seem to finish one of these projects :slight_smile:

thanks guys

ill try this when i get the blueprints of my school

thanks again