Blueprint's won't "cooperate"

Hi all

(Very)some of you know that I (and also in general) find modelling cars hard.
Now, the problem isn’t that I don’t know how to move verts (etc), but my Top and Side (right view) are a pain in the ass.

Here it is:
I made 4 views (clockwise from upperleft): Top Right Back Front.
When I start to add a plane and trying to extrude the fender towards the bonnet, the location of one of the top or right view are complete stubborn.
When I, say, extrude the upper row of verts from the fender backwards (so I select the verts in side (right) and (trying to) extrude it in top view, the plane is turned, by that I mean that the right view is behaving (sort of ) like the top view.

Anyone know a remedy?
(Hmm I know its a bit of a vague discription, if wanted I post screens).

hmm, sorry but I don’t understand what the problem is, perhaps some screenshost would shed some light…
The thing is I never had problems like that when modeling things from blueprints (plus I’m seldom using 4 viewports for this, I’m like using a top and a sideview, as long as my model is on the blueprint in each projection (that means using one blueprint with everyprojection), and I swap view with the numpad when I need to.

Yeah i made a video
but since my computer is slooowww it takes a while

<object width=“425” height=“350”> <param name=“movie” value=“”> </param> <embed src=“” type=“application/x-shockwave-flash” width=“425” height=“350”> </embed> </object>

So in top view, the verts that are vertical needs to be horizontal, which they aren’t.

Well that’d be because you’re adding your plane in the wrong side projection. I can’t quite make out your axis on the video, but it looks like you’re adding your plane in the YoZ view, and you want it to be aligned with the X axis in your top view.
So it’s just a matter of switching your viewport with the correct projection (in that case, XoZ) or rotating your image accordingly.

Hope that helps :wink:

Hmm well, it’s not very late now, but I’m not completely sober atm.
Will look at it another time, thanks for repling.

lol…yeah, not a good idea to open Blender when you’re not quite sober… I tried, it never worked out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure I understand your problem, but, if it has to do with the model being in the wrong place when you change views, try, instead of changing views, parent your model to an empty, ( in case it’s multiple meshes, this will simplify things ) then, set a keyframe in the first position you want it, advance 10 frames ( or 5, or 1, it doesn’t matter how many ) then move the empty so the model is in the second position, whether that be top view, or side view, or whatever, set a keyframe, advance 10 frames and repeat. now, instead of changing views, you can stay in one view, and just advance frames, to get the model in the needed position reletive to your blueprint. hope that helps.

Yeah, that’s quite a good idea Modron, never thought of that.
Thanks (and Fururen too ofcourse :P)

OT; Yay, 200 posts lol

I think I understand your problem. Don’t pay attention to the "front, side, back, top designations, pay attention to the x, y and z arrows instead.

Z axis is up, ok. The Y axis points to the REAR of the car. The X axis points toward the DRIVER’S SIDE (except in England.)

Now take a look at your blueprints in the 3D windows. You’ve got the Y axis pointing to the side of the car, or the X axis pointing to the front or the rear in at least one of them. The fix is to rotate the blueprint images in the Gimp, IrfanView or Photoshop. You can’t do this adjustment in Blender.