I am currently having a problem getting some blueprints to line up in Blender. I got them off the-blueprints website (paid for .svg files) and none of them line up, even after about half an hour of scaling each one and trying to line them up.

You can see the screenshots below of my problem. For the amount of money I spent getting some quality blueprints I would expect better…

Hi GrandeP,

Sadly blueprints just don’t line up, even paid for ones - at least I’ve never seen any. Normaly you’ll just model by eye on certain parts - having reference pictures always help - as many as you can. If you have access to the vehicle in question, take loads of pics from different angles. I imagine you’ll be pretty sore knowing that you’ve paid for blueprints, but as far as I’m aware that’s the way it goes. :wink:

Would you recommend me having a “master” blueprint to work from then? i.e. Side view which I follow to the point and then compensate for the mismatches in the other views.