A game I’ve been working on to practice implementation of BGE knowledge learned thus far. The opening song is by my brother, Seth Wells. I will probably continue to develop the game and release updates from time to time.
Just extract the files to the default folder. You should be able to run the game by clicking on the .exe (Blender-looking orangeish icon) inside the folder, then.
Enjoy! And thanks to the entire Blender community for your nourishment and support of one another. I look forward to being able to help others in the same way I have been helped as my knowledge and skills develop.
This file should have all the textures and files packed properly. The test download I just did worked properly. There is a menu, but this file starts you at the gameplay scene. WASD to move, Space to jump, “C” key for speed boost (important cuz the speed is too slow atm). Just a wip, remember :~)
Download from here:

For those who haven’t used Rapidshare: Click on Free User, and the download button should appear after you wait like 30 seconds (the free user penalty). The download took about 5 mins on my machine (2g ram and processor, cable/broadband internet. File size is like 46 megabytes. Enjoy.

Oh my God) control, graphics all terribly:(

Paste the blend on or just compress it to a zip file before uploading it.