"BLuFF" or formaly known as cat-mouse-dog-poker battle

Hey there !!!
After approx 2 months of working i finally finished my little short film project. would be really interested in ur comments and critiques, and what u would have done different, so that maybe i can post a better animation in another 2 months :wink:


Very nice. I liked the models, particularly the fur on the cat. The pace of the movie was good and the sound effects added to the cute animations of the mice. The start of the film wasn’t very smooth during the pan down to the mouse hole. Don’t know how you improve this but would be good if you could get it smooth action. Would have also benefited from a little longer time on the drawing on top of the crate as I had to watch it a second time to get the content of the drawing.

Overall a nicely polished presentation which was very enjoyable to watch.

thanks for the reply. yer, u r defenitly right with the pan at the beginning. the animation was actually to fast, so i streched it in after effects to 130 percent,so i wouldn’t have to rerender it. problem is it reduced the 25 fps to about 20. was hoping i could blame the convertion of the video for internet, since there is always some qualitiy loss :wink:

Great job! A lot of modeling and expressions done in there… gosh!
Well, the time stretching doesn’t appear that much on a web demo… Maybe you’ll be the most screwed by it, first because YOU know YOU did it and secondly because you can see the natively compressed movie in good conditions.
Two months is a very short time to pour out your short… indeed! Bravo!

cheers mate, and yep, i was screwed by it, so after ijay’s comment i rerendered it in after effects without the streching ;):slight_smile: ha ha

nice production…that is alot of work to take on - but i really enjoyed the end result…keep the ideas flowing