Blunder - UE4 Controls in Blender 2.8

Hi, I made an Application Template for Blender 2.8 that implements Selection and Navigation controls that mirror Unreal Engine 4, here’s a YouTube link:

And this is the copypasta from the Youtube description for people who don’t want to click to find out more:

I had considered doing this for a number of years, and with Blender 2.8 fast approaching, it seemed like a good time.

This app template implements Selection and Navigation tools mapped to the same keys as Unreal Engine 4 (Left Click Select, Right Click WASD Nav) as well as interface theme and UI adjustments to bring Blender more in line with the UE4 user experience.

Who this is for: People who work primarily in Unreal Engine and rely on Blender to design props/characters, optimize high poly meshes, map/remap UVs etc.

Who this isn’t for: I can only imagine that long-time Blender users will look at this and scratch their heads, if not decry the removal of the G,S,R shorcuts and the hiding of the 3D cursor. If you’ve been using Blender for a while and you’re used to the controls and shortcuts then this probably isn’t for you.

Thanks, let me know your thoughts!


Is it kidding cosplay your ex-girlfriend ?

This is pretty cool, not sure I’d use it but interesting nonetheless.

Hey, not me, sorry :wink:

Thanks, it is quite a niche template, but you never know who’s lurking on these forums!

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