Blunderbuss (a nice change)

this is my blunderbusss im making, was hoping for some C&C, constructive if possible, but ifs a bit wack do say so :-?
hope yall like.


i love it. nothing i can say about looking bad or any c&c. i am looking forward to seeing it textured

heres the deal…which type of ammo do i go for??? i cant decide.


ive tryed out some texturing but im nt sure about it, see what you think.


Looking good!

Some C&C - I think it looks too plastic. You might try reducing the specularity.

As for ammunition, I’m pretty sure the blunderbuss used round shells, where you had to fill it with powder in a little nipple like thing by the hammer. Oh, and I think they were flintlocks, or maybe matchlocks?

What era is this weapon for?

thanks for the op on the ammo, thats very handy :slight_smile: , its not really form any eara though, its more of a fantasy weapon, kinda cartoony, but still sorta real, i agree about the plasticness aswell, but thats party due to the background :-? makes reflectives surfaces look wierd as im sure u know.

At least in some stories, people would load a blunderbuss with any small pieces of metal they had lying around. Screws, broken nails, coins, whatever. That and a bit of gunpowder, and you have… well, a weapon that will probably explode in your face.
Judging by your more shiny texturing, I guess this blunderbuss would have dedicated shells, as it would be only the poor people with odds and ends stuffed down their blunderbuss. I am not sure which shell would be best - it’s up to you.
Your model looks good, perhaps add a little dirt to make it seem more realistic? You would need to polish metal a lot to keep it that shiny! Apart from that, good work, I like the detail of the little gears.

ok, ive been working on the textures and doing some tweaking on the model (prolly add some more details) but wanted to get some more opinions on the new textures and waht needs doin as i decided to use this in a piece of multimedia coursework, so i want it to look buff :smiley: (skymap is purly for nicer reflction).


Much improved. Great texture fix, it looks more like actual metal now. Keep it up