Blur/Decrease white areas

I’m trying to make the white areas thinner without having to manually repaint this mask. Having it fade from black into the white areas would also be desirable. Any ideas on how to do this with nodes in the shader editor?

Thanks y’all

You can’t, but you can easily do it in a image editing program (select all the white, Shrink to Feather selection)

Yeah i kind of thought that manipulating it externally might be my only option. it’s a shame cose it would be nice to be able to control the fall off.

Generally, any operation that is topology-dependent (in an image, that means neighbouring pixels) can’t work in the context of shaders, because each render sample is evaluated independently, and doesn’t have access to this information. This is why blurring, and by extension feathering, growing selection, etc. or any sort of filter can’t work there. Hopefully with future texture nodes… maybe.

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