Blur doesn't work :/

Hi, I’m trying to blur in the compositor but I just get a white diamond shape:

The current render layer is completely black with a white circle (sun), I’m trying to blur the circle but the effect I get is not a blur.

Does any one know what I’m doing wrong?



Is your object in that render layer a square perhaps?

No it’s a UV Sphere.If you zoom into the top left or the top right node close enough you’ll see the small white circle that I’m trying to blur.

In fact I’ll just show you:

What blender version are you using.
Try the latest 2.66 testbuild1
Attach or post a link to your blend file. Your screenshots are not sufficient
Simulating what i can tell from your screenshots gives a 100% perfect result

Weird thing, I downloaded the windows x64 version from the link you gave me but instead of version 2.66 it’s 2.65 which is what I was already using, even though the file I downloaded did say 2.66. Anyway the result is the same, I must be doing something wrong.

Here’s my blend file.
Notice anything wrong in there?

it works fine here. 2.65a.


I guess it’s just my computer then, I’ll have to live without blurs I suppose.

Thanks for the assistance.

try a new file, similar instance, and see if it still misbehaves

Try also with in project but new scene with basic cube instead. See if problem is with materials or layers etc.

That’s the spirit…

With a cube in an empty scene the blur effect works fine. I don’t know enough about blender to go looking for the problem, I have no idea what it could be. Good thing the scene isn’t important.

Thanks for the help.

I wonder if it is related to scene size? Does the moon/sun circle object live in the same scene as the other elements? Maybe it is scaling to small?

But I downloaded the file and opened it up, and just rendered it, as is… and I didn’t have the square problem. I am of the opinion that it might need to be opened on another machine, or wi th a different build, and then try again.

There is nothing wrong with the file and with your computer. The only problem you’re facing is that you are looking at RGB display of your output without taking alpha channel into account.
Below you’ll see your file where the only difference between the three images is display mode.
On the left you see exactly what you were seeing in your example. Middle image is exactly the same setup, but Alpha channel is being displayed in backdrop and on the right you see the image as is it were transparent. It’s simply composited over your node editor using RGB colors from the right image and alpha channel from the middle one.
Again: This is exactly the same image but displayed differently.

(This gray outline on the right image doesn’t exist in this display mode, I simply drew the lines using grease pencil for clarity)

Hahaha, well you learn something every day. Thanks Bartek!

Thanks Bartek, I just knew it had to be something like that :slight_smile: