Blur effect in Blender 2.32?

Is there or is there not somesort of blur effect (DOF) in the current release of B? I understood the release notes that way…
If there is, then where on earth the controls for it are located and how does one use it?


probably, where on earth did you get it from?

(if you mean 2.32 I will have to get back to you)

yep, 2.32 I meant :slight_smile:

umm, use yafray?

or do some hideous things with motion blurring and the sequence editior, to get like: (redirect, left-click on it)

ARe you making a reference to the so called ‘guassian filter?’

If so, this is for smoothing textures (I think). Not DOF

I WISH blender had some hardcoded DOF tho.


ah, that’s it, thanks Dante :slight_smile:
I tried to use it, but there was no visible effect, so I wondered if there was some hidden controls somewhere :slight_smile:

i was just playing with yafray to see if the new .06 still had DOF and it does. not the post production dof. in the documentation section of the yafray webpage under camera (the site is down right at the moment) it talks about it. you have to go into the xml file and add a line to create the depth. I found very low numbers works well.
aperture=".05" use_qmc=“yes”>

also you have to add an empty and track it with the camera to find the focal point. there is a line “from” which is the camera and “to” is the focal point. on the “to” line insert the xyz location of the empty.
so put all together.

<camera name=“MAINCAM” resx=“240” resy=“320” focal=“1.458333” aperture=".05" use_qmc=“yes”>
<from x=“3.539324” y="-15.105978" z=“12.110407” />
<to x=“3.586” y="-5.799" z=“5.594” />
<up x=“3.542222” y="-14.532454" z=“12.929590” />

does that help in your seach for DOF?

You could use the Zblur sequence plugin, i’ve been playing with this recently and it gives quite good effects of fake DOF.


Actually, when I coded the real dof for yafray I needed to test it as well, so I had in fact already added support for it in the export code, but not in Blender yet. The export script looks for an object called ‘FOCUS’ (doesn’t have to be an empty, can be any object), if it finds it, the camera ‘from’ & ‘to’ values are already correctly set. You will have to add the aperture setting yourself for the time being.
Real dof works best with QMC enabled and multipass AA, so several passes with a reasonable amount of samples per pass. So it is far from fast, although I have some ideas to optimize it, but is not a priority at the moment.

About Blender dof, I have seen some work done by intrr during one of the code meetings, he added the zblur pluing internally to blender, I don’t know if this was meant for release though.

thanks, that makes things easier. It’s definetely not fast. I started a large render last night and it’s is still on the aa pass 1. there must be an appropriate saying for the value in waiting. “absence makes the heart grow fonder” or some other drivel to that effect.

How can I make focus in yafray with blender 2.32?

In the documentation of yafray there is one way and here another. And I did not have success with both %|

I’ve got it! :wink:
I used this:

&lt;filter type="dof" name="dof" focus = "12.5" near_blur ="10.000000" far_blur ="10.000000" scale ="2.000000"&gt;

Hmm, I wonder where Intrr is.
I just use IPO editing.