Blur irregularities on objects

Hi everyone,

For some reason I have blur/smudge like irregularities. In my opinion it is not related to DOF because it’s located across all object perimeter. DOF filter is also off.
Camera :
45mm Lens
36mm Sensor
700 samples
32 viewport. ( even at 64)
4K resolution

Full size

this looks like EEVEE
which fakes everything !

does it do same thing with cycles ?

happy cl

Impossible to tell without looking at object geometry, UVs, modifiers, textures, material settings, lighting etc. What I did spot was the same wooden appearance on all the feet - what’s the chances they could get the exact same wood pattern to match. Either that, or the UV stretching is the same in those areas making them look very similar.

My guess would be something to do with UV unwrapping and perhaps a Subdivision Surface modifier. Where are the seams on the model located?

Hi CarlG,

Thanks for the help. I will be adding some screenshots to help you out. In regards to modifiers they have been already applied if they were in the first place so none there anymore. All parts have been “apply scale” too and unwrapped. I suspect my unwrap could somewhat flawed because I simply use unwrap feature once in edit mode. I also unwrap the whole part.

In regards to light I have 3 in total. 2 of them are area and one is spot.

You are right texture on the legs is the same through out all legs. My bad to be honest. Let me know if you need anymore info :slight_smile:

Hi John,

I have added some screenshots in reply to CarlG. Let me know if you notice anything unusual. Thanks for the help. In regards to seems there are no seems on wood legs and just on the soft material you can see in the screen shot.

Hi Ricky,

It is cycles :slight_smile: This how 1000 samples and 64 Viewport look in EEVEE.

one output goes to the displacement instead of the surface why ?

you are mixing up a displacement map and a normal map
not certain this is appropriate !

so I guess your first render was with cycles ?
last one with EEVEE render looks a lot rougher then in cycles
might need to adjust some parameters !

happy bl

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On both of these… Huh? If it went into displacement it wouldn’t render, period. Bump maps and height displacement maps can be used however you want.

For the fabric material, I’m noticing you have a UV layout with seams and everything, but you’re using object coordinates and box map projections in the image textures. Are you sure this is what you want? Using box mapping for normal maps sounds troublesome. Example of how it is influenced by the direction of the origin - the right teapot’s origin is rotated 90 degrees around z axis:

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As far as I know displacement used as a height map. I can’t reason you why I just saw people doing so.
Only reply to you render is EEVEE others are CYCLE.

It actually goes to colour. It’s just such angle though.

I suspected I do it a little blindfolded just to get desirable results though. While I was using UV texture coordinates and flat mapping it would give me skewed texture. The way I understand texture coordinates would be coming from UV since it’s unwrapped and then go to flat mapping because UV map is flat. That’s how it looks :

Looks to me you just need to work on your UVs to reduce stretching and UV island scales.

“Looks to me you just need to work on your UVs to reduce stretching and UV island scales”
I guess my knowledge ends here. Could you be mroe specific?

Press 4 or select the last selection icon, select a UV island and scale it. It might be easier to work with if you use a UV grid as the texture temporarily. But trust me, you don’t want to ask me for UV advice - I hate UVs :smiley:
Better off looking up some UV tutorials on youtube.

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In fact I have couple UV tuts awaiting for my attention. It’s the place I should head off to to be honest :slight_smile: Thanks for the help anyway.

I think I agree with everyone. The artefacts you are seeing are down to using box mapping. They seem to appear everywhere where Blender has decided your object transitions from the top to the sides of the “box”. The UVs aren’t being used at all when it’s set up like this. You can confirm this by rotating or scaling or moving the UVs on one of the objects set to use Object co-ordinates and Box Mapping.

The funny thing is that on a real piece of furniture like this you’d expect to see the fabric stretched in certain areas due to the way it is constructed. Best practice for UV unwrapping something like this would be to put the seams on the model exactly where seams are in real life on upholstery like that.

Subsurf can complicate things. There’s a checkbox when unwrapping to take subsurf into account when unwrapping, but that doesn’t always work as expected. It’d be tempted to leave unwrapping until after the model has been finalised and modifiers have been applied. But the issues you were seeing aren’t down to that. They don’t lie along the seams. They lie along the transition point for the box mapping. That’s why there’s a Blend slider under Box Mapping. To blend that transitions. That doesn’t help here though as it would only make matters worse I think due to it being a regular pattern. It works well for more organic textures and grunges and the like.

Maybe have a look around at upholstery stuff and see if you can find examples of the shapes the cut out pieces of fabric make before they are stretched and pinned and sewn into place on furniture look.

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Hi John,

It starts all to make sense to me. Either I have rework my topology or/and find the ways to correct it . I thing I did applied all the sub modifiers before unwrapping. As far as I understand there should be some fine seems and those would help unwrapping. On my chair I barely have any seems.
I did test unwrap on the small chair with additional seems and it seems to be working fine although I still get a patch of the texture where it looks too shallow./well not that clear. Strange. Will post image later.

From what Iv’e seen peeps use a lot of unwrapping when working on upholstery just I didn’t pay a lot of attention to be honest. My bad. Have to do my homework again.

EDIT: Actually I managed to get rid of some texture bluing inconsistencies off buy adjusting light. Now it looks good to me. Still, wooden legs are not sharp enough. You can observe some kind of out of focus effect. Although it’s not as bad as it used to be. I also changed PBR texture.

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