Blur Nodes

I am somewhat of a beginner in the massive world of Blender, so bear with me if I do not catch something that seems rather obvious. I want to overlay a 3d model onto a video clip. To do this, I just made an image texture and assigned it to the “world” setting. Now Blender overlays the 3d model directly onto my video clip. It’s working great.

Here’s the thing: I want to blur the 3d model. Not the video clip background, just the 3d model. I messed around for the first time with nodes today, and figured out how to blur my render, but it blurs the 3d model and the video clip, not just the model. How would I go about blurring only the 3d model?

Thank you. :slight_smile:


i think you will need to use the VSE (or nodes)

1 way:
put your movie file in the VSE
composite the 3D model over the top
(alpha over)
Then blur the out put from the VSE

note vextor blur will not work on the movie file
only the normal blurs like gaussian etc

I agree with waylow - you should probably use nodes though because they are sooo new/nice/ easy once you get to know them! - you can also do more effects with nodes rather than the video sequence editor.
check this out if you want to know more about vector blurring using nodes
also, you can just apply it onto one layer (eg: your 3d model) and then screen over the video with your blurred 3d animation
(click on the picture on the header of the node editor and press "use nodes)

(space–> node—> input—> image (select your video)
(space—> node—> colors —> mix (change that to screen and set the factor to 1.00 - or use the alpha of your 3d layer to guide what the factor is - I like this one the best :smiley: )

connect both nodes to the screen mixer, and put the output of the mixer into the composite node, and you should be good! (make sure you set it to “do composite” in the render window!)

you might also want to view outputs with the node—> output —> viewer (and then either view it in the image editor or click “backdrop” to view it behind your nodes)

you can also do color correction (RGB curves, Hue/ saturation/ RGBA splits / color gradients) and alot more!
hope this helps !

Thank you! That is very helpful.

Pardon the double post.

I played around with it a little more. (More like struggled, not played) Anyway, I got something that works. Here is a pic of my render. Blurred 3d model, clear background. Also, here is a pic of my settings. Is there a better way, or is this the way to go? Thanks.

click MBlur if the cube is moving.