blur problem.

Why is just the top blurring? all the textures are the same resolution. the textures about 1000px.

Maybe your FOV settings?

you mean depth of field? in which case, I have tried messing with the settings to no avail.

On your materials setup, did you try ‘Full OSA’ ?

I tried that, no change. I tried the camera at a different angle, higher, which solved the problem. (which leads me to think its a camera focus issue)

Then I put it back, went to OSA on the render settings, and turned OSA off, and settings down to 5.

Now I have sharper edges. but Im not sure if thats an illusion as OSA is apparently meant to smooth edges, it looks like lack of anti aliasing thats making it sharp.

I had another image, where it had blur issues, when the camera is at a certain angle.

It does look like a depth of field issue, but I dont know what I`m meant to press to solve it. Everything in the scenes scalled down small also, cos I thought it might be a distance visibility issue. so everythings well within the cameras reach.